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Haneefiya America call for end of terror and dialogue

 Haneefiya America solemnly condemns the worldwide escalation of violence and the recent San Bernadino shooting massacre. These unhuman act of violence have no underpinning their in any religion but rather reflect a deep state of ignorance about religion teachings and philosophies. 


We must condemn and speak against such acts. This condemnation by Muslims stems from the precepts of our religion and our holy Qur'an "Whoever kills a soul unless for corruption [done] in the land it is as he had slain mankind entirely and whoever saves one's it is as he had saved mankind entirely ( surat 4 verse 32)." This clearly shows that our religion extols the sanctity of human blood, forbids killing of one's own life, prohibits destroying, public and private property and horrifying in their residences.


When we Muslims stand with the whole world to condemn, denunciate and legally fight terrorism we asser our religion, we uphold the teachings of our prophet(pbuh), we assume our role of building peaceful communities and claim our integral positionamong people, societies and nations.


Haneefiya America call for a deep review of this ongoing situation. We need to consider our policies toward social justice, human rights, equality and freedom and deal with all of these as fundamental values. A holistic view is required to address the problem not to create problems far from mindset of blame, revenge, murder, destruction and cultural-civilization misrepresentaions. We must avoid wars and conflicts that cause so much destruction and breed violence and terrorism. We need wisdom, reasons and common sense to fight this calamity. We need to challenge all extremists thoughts regardless of their origins. We need patience and perseverance to uproot and eliminate the root causes. We need dialogues and collaborations to elaborate such plans and policies. These are what we must work toward and achieve. This is our responsibility and our moral duty to ourselves, our children and families, to our communities, to our countries and to all of the humanity. This is the mission of Haneefiya America to better our people and communities, to promote peace and strengthen bridges with other faiths and societies.

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