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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome to Haneefiya America/ZAGWA




Our mission is to strive to serve the community through Religious services, Education, Youth Empowerment,  Interfaith and civic relations, Social and Health care services, and much more based on Islamic principles of peace, tolerance, and inclusiveness. 


Haneefiya America is accepting Zakat-ul-Fitr for those in need of preparation for their Eid. The Amount prescribed is $10.00 for each person from the newborn to everyone under your care. The following methods are used to give your Zakat-ul-Fitr: Zelle, Cash App using  202-650-9002

May Allah reward you.

Haneefiya America Mawloud 2019

Interfaith during the month of Ramadan

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Fajr 4:31 AM

Dhuhr 1:05 PM

Asr 4:56 PM

Magreb 08:11 PM

Isha'a 9:36 PM

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       Community Center Project

As Muslims, Allah ( SWT) has enjoined us to support one another, especially when it relates to the Deen. Haneefiya Amercia is currently embarking in a project of building an Islamic Community Center in Downtown Silver Spring, MD to serve our growing members and fellow worshippers from around the world.


Currently, Haneefiya America conducts its programs and activities in the Civic Building in Downtown Silver Spring. The organization welcomes numerous members from different ethnic backgrounds every Friday for Jummah prayers. A different place is rented in Washington Ethical Society for Saturdays and Sundays for Qur'an and Arabic classes. 

The proposed project of building a Community Center in Downtown Silver Spring will create more space for members and non-members. The Center will be able to provide a better Islamic environment for our youth and kids spiritual development and for Dawah activities.


Muslims who reside in the South beltway of Silver Spring will be able to access the Center easily. 

The Center will be utilized by the community to carry out Islamic programs and services within the guidelines of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed ( PBUH). 


Haneefiya America is raising fund to be able to accomplish the project, but we cannot do it alone. This fundraising serves as Saddaqat jarriyat ( continuous charity) for those who support the cause of Allah( SWT) and we want everyone to benefit from this opportunity. We are relying on your donation for this project to be succesfull. Allah( SWT) said " Oh you believe ! if you help ( the cause of ) Allah, He will help you and plant your feet firmly"( Muhammad : 7).


Your generous help is needed to achieve the goal of getting this sizable community together under one roof to worship Allah, to educate our children and to have a place to continue to spread and remind ourselves of the words of Allah. Few places have been located and we are working hard to acquire a Community Center in the very short term.


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